Complete Senior Cat Care Package
This package is designed to proactively address the needs of your senior pet by providing comprehensive preventive and wellness care.

At Compassionate Care Animal Hospital, our goal is to maintain excellent quality of life for our senior patients for as long as possible. Our Complete Senior Care Package is designed to proactively address the needs of your senior pet by providing comprehensive preventive and wellness care. We also understand that the cost of providing this care for your cat can be significant. This package offers an overall discount for these important services and allows for reasonable and predictable monthly payments over 12 months.


Physical Exams
A complete physical exam is important for identifying and addressing problems early. Unlimited physical exams are included for ALL wellness or medical visits for one year.
Vaccinations are necessary to protect your cat against infectious diseases. All routinely recommended vaccinations are included.
Fecal Analysis (1) and deworming (2)
Package includes two fecal screens to identify intestinal worms and other parasites, 12 doses of Revolution, and two doses of dewormer.
Wellness blood panel (2)
This health screen will look at complete blood count, liver, kidneys, blood sugar, electrolytes, thyroid, and much more. Package includes two blood panels in one year.
Urinalysis (2)
Urine testing is an important part of screening for kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, urinary tract infection and much more. Package includes two urinalyses.
Blood pressure (2)
Blood pressure abnormalities can be common in senior cats. Package includes twice yearly blood pressure monitoring.
Radiographs (3 views)
Radiographs are used to evaluate for heart and lung disease, skeletal problems such as arthritis, tumors, and more. Package includes three radiographic views of the thorax (chest).
Ear swab/cytology (1)
An ear swab with cytology will check for bacterial or fungal ear infections which can be common in cats.
Ten Toenail Trims during the package period.
Toenail trim (if needed) will be performed at each visit.
Dental Cleaning (including pre-anesthetic blood work)
Maintaining a healthy mouth is important for the overall health and wellness of your cat. This package includes a complete dental cleaning (scaling and polishing) under general anesthesia.
Felv/FIV Test
Testing for feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus, two deadly and transmissible viral infections, is included in this package.
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