What Pet Parents NEED to Know at Halloween to Keep Everyone Safe

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Halloween is a fun and exciting time for your human kids (and adults). However, the furry kids in your family feel differently. Masks, doorbells, and loud voices can be unsettling and cause anxiety in any animal – even those who are typically easy-going and well-adjusted. This can lead to serious behavior problems, including aggression.

5 Halloween Pet Dangers

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW AND tips to keep everyone safe

  1. Costumes – Animals can be frightened by costumed humans – even the humans they know. Do not assume that your own family dog or cat will be OK with the family’s costumes. And, we all love pet costumes, but be mindful of the animal who is agitated or stressed wearing a costume.

  2. Trick-or-Treaters – The doorbell ringing frequently and excited children can be unnerving for pets. The door opening frequently can also be an opportunity to escape. It is best to keep animals in a safe place, away from the door, and occupied with a treat or activity. Also, make sure pet ID tags are updated, legible, on pets, and that microchips are registered.

  3. Decorations – Animals can ingest many of the decorations that are out this time of year. Please be mindful of the types of decorations you use and where you put them.

  4. Candy – Chocolate ingestion can be fatal to dogs. Candy ingestion can cause gastroenteritis or pancreatitis. Keep candy away from animals and teach your children about the dangers to pets.

  5. Outdoor Animals – Consider bringing outdoor animals inside for the night. It can be dangerous for cats or dogs to be outside during all the Halloween activities.

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Have a Spooktacular and SAFE Halloween!

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