Announcing the CCAH Memorial Page

2019_May_CCAH pet memorial.png

Pets are such amazing companions that we enter the relationship with these special animals knowing that we will say goodbye before we are ready.

Most pet parents have experienced the pain of saying goodbye to our beloved friends. When a pet dies, the family experiences grief and sorrow – each person in his/her own way. The death of a pet is a profound loss, and expressing our sadness helps us heal. This act of mourning helps us to honor our pets while moving on from the grief.

There are many ways to mourn – taking time off, sharing memories with each other, gathering photos, and memorializing them can help. When our patients die, veterinary professionals understand this pain, and we grieve with you. We grow to love your pets like our own – and you are in our thoughts during these sad moments.

In an effort to support our clients and honor our patients, we created a memorial page on our website: CCAH Pet Memorial. This page provides our clients with an opportunity to share their favorite moments, funny stories, and a photo of your beloved friend. It also serves as a resource by providing loss support and links to information about how to cope with a pet’s death.

Please CONTACT CCAH if you would like your pet to be included. 

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