What to expect at Compassionate Care Animal Hospital

some important and unique information about our clinic to help you and your pet


  • Large lobby for you and your pet’s comfort including a children’s activity area and free WiFi

  • Comfortable family room for visiting and consultations

  • Large, comfortable cages and kennels including one that is 5 ½ ‘ x 7 ½’; all located in the treatment area for constant observation

  • 24 hour hospitalization with staff present in a calm, quiet environment; only 1-2 patients overnight so each animal receives individualized comfort and care along with their required medical attention

  • High-quality surgical equipment including extensive anesthetic monitoring, dedicated surgery suite, patient warming, and a separate washer and dryer for surgical drapes, gowns, and towels


  • Please communicate with us if you have certain needs so we can provide the best care for your pet.

    • limited budget

    • limited amount of time

    • complex history with your pet, etc.

  • If you have a concern, please let us know. We are always open to discussing concerns and trying to resolve them so we can improve our services.

  • If your pet is exceptionally fearful of veterinary visits, please know that we will likely start with a pet-free consultation to discuss the ideal protocol to safely care for your pet. We use an “FAS Scale” (FAS = Fear, Anxiety, Stress) to assess pet behavior at the hospital. Please click here to score your pet. If your pet is has an FAS score of 4 or 5, we recommend this initial pet-free consultation. Please call the clinic to discuss this appointment.

  • Financing options available including:


  • Social Media: You can find CCAH on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

    • You can find - important pet information, cute pictures, and updates about the clinic. Perhaps your pet will be one of our Social Media Stars!

  • Emergencies: we answer our clinic phone 24/7 to discuss pet emergencies.

  • Wait time: we apologize if you experience an unusually long wait time.

    • Many factors beyond our control may occur throughout the day.

    • We appreciate your patience and will keep you updated as to the status of your visit.


  • All of our staff are Fear Free Certified; we are mindful of your pet’s emotional well-being to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress during their visit.

  • Appointment times may be longer in order to:

    • Allow pet to relax.

    • Give the medical team time to minimize fear and stress during the exam.

    • Thoroughly discuss your pet’s medical condition, diagnostics, and treatments.

  • Pets that exhibit higher levels of anxiety will be scheduled as a 40 minute appointment.

  • Treats are an important part of our Fear Free approach (when appropriate). Check out the Fear Free section of our website to learn more.


  • Scheduled for 20 minutes.

  • Clients are greeted by a medical team member and your pet is escorted to the treatment area to provide the service scheduled while you wait in the lobby area.

  • If the pet demonstrates extreme anxiety or stress during the appointment, the medical team is trained to stop and will recommend rescheduling the appointment.

  • We will discuss this with you and develop a plan that meets everyone’s needs.


  • Please schedule 1-2 weeks in advance.

  • Since we accept emergencies, we try to reserve time daily for these pets.

  • New pets who require an exam within a specific time frame from purchase/adoption are an exception to this guideline. Please communicate these needs with the receptionist so we can help you with your new family member. We love being a part of that process!


  • We reserve time for unexpected illnesses so we can accommodate a sick pet.

  • If these appointments are booked we provide some options you can discuss with the receptionist:

    • We will offer to see your pet, but understand that there will be a longer wait.

    • You can admit your pet to the hospital for evaluation.

    • Please note that there is an additional fee associated with same day appointments due to the extra staffing required to care for these last minute medical needs.


  • For pets on chronic medications:

    • Examinations and blood work required for refills either every 6 months or annually.

    • Ensures safety and effectiveness of medication for your pet.

  • Minimum of 24 hours requested to prepare medications (including preventatives).

  • Less than 24 hours requests will be accommodated, but may necessitate longer wait times.

  • Online Pharmacies:

    • We do not encourage purchasing medications through online pharmacies; some purchase medications through 3rd party distributors. Please note that online medications may be safe, but could also be counterfeit and may not be shipped or stored properly.

    • We will honor requests for third party online medications, but these will be processed over 7-10 business days.

    • For the convenience of online shopping and home delivery, we offer our own online store which provides prescription approval within 24 hours on business days: CCAH online store

CCAH Policies

Any questions? Give us a call!